Issues, response, education, and networking.  Whether perceived as action or activism, whatever it’s called, recognize that the ArrowFlight web presence and purpose is a response to social and environmental issues frequently having adverse effect upon those aspects of life, which not only cherished, are demonstratably vital to the health and well-being of our planet.

The philosophy of this site is based upon cumulative actions principles, specifically, that the first step toward world health is that if any one person acts more responsibly than they’ve previously acted, the world will be that much better off.  Through education and communication, ArrowFlight is working against the destructive paradigm in which we currently exist, encouraging more and more of the world’s population to join that group of people who work on behalf of a balanced environment, consequently to create balanced world health for all.

For further information, send an email with specific questions, requests or concerns to ArrowFlight Manager.


What’s ArrowFlight about?

As we take moments to appreciate that every aspect of our existence is fragile and bound up in our perceptions and definitions of Life itself, we become acutely aware that Life has to be a continuing learning process, made necessary by its ever changing nature.  Not only do we need maintain a pool of what we call common sense and wisdom, we now increasingly need recognize the grave danger into which we’ve put our planet, ourselves, and our very existence, as we come to realize that each of us can be a liability to the future.  How to become an asset in the face of obstacles that seem insurmountable?  The answers are simple as we learn to motivate ourselves with cognitive actions and do what's appropriate for present and future.  We are learning to act in a manner consistent with green development, to follow balanced Earth practices, to use sustainable green products, follow trends which avoid direct and collateral waste, and avoid use of Earth harmful substances.  We are learning to avoid exploitation of Mother Nature as we develop Earth balanced practices.

Philosophy and Objectives